The first step is to fill out an inquiry form and send it over to us or give us a call, so we can review your preferences and begin to plan out the ideal itinerary custom fit to your desires. Once you are satisfied with the details of your custom built South America Rocks Adventure we ask you to pay a 25% deposit to confirm your departure. Lastly, we require payment in full 30 days before departure.

One of the advantages of taking a rock climbing holiday with South America Rocks is that we will provide good quality ropes, quickdraws, anchor materials, and trad gear so that you don’t need to carry all the heavy, bulky gear with you on your journey.

However, we ask that you do pack your own personal climb gear:
• Climbing shoes (2 pairs)
• Helmet
• Harness
• Belay device
Please be sure to bring equipment that is in top condition as replacement gear can be expensive/hard to find.

At this time South America Rocks does not offer tours specifically designed to accommodate families. However, we may consider requests to accommodate mature young adults on a case by case basis. Please contact us to find out if we can come up with a special itinerary suitable for the young adventurers in your group.

A full refund (minus the 25% booking fee) will be given up to 30 days before departure. 50% of the full tour price will be refunded if a tour is canceled less than 30 days before departure.

South America Rocks reserves the right to cancel tours for safety and security issues including, but not limited to natural disasters (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, extreme weather and road washouts) and political or civil unrest.

Trip Cancellation Insurance is strongly recommended to prevent losses in the unforeseen event of personal illness or injury prior to departure. Or, in case we must cancel a trip due to issues of safety and security prior to departure or in the middle of a tour.

Every person on tour is going to experience the joys of altitude in his or her way. Some will be surprised that it doesn’t seem to hit them very hard, others may suffer from headaches, nausea and a lack of energy. You have to take the acclimatization process at your own pace and not judge yourself based on other people in the group.

At 2000 meters most people feel a little short of breath, especially when tested by strenuous bursts of physical output, like climbing a big flight of stairs or hiking uphill with a pack on.

At 3000 meters many people feel tired, short of breath, and unmotivated to undertake strenuous activity. This might be coupled with headache and loss of appetite. However, this usually passes quickly.

At 4000 meters you may feel all the symptoms listed above as well as a difficulty to get going in the morning and general irritability. This is normal, welcome to the vertical world. Listen to your body and take it slow, if you feel like you need more time to adjust to the height before attempting your objective, then, by all means, chill out and rest. It will pass if you just give your body a chance to adapt, but if you rush ahead due to time constraints or pressure from other group members you could be inviting needless discomfort.

No, rest assured that we’ll provide friendly, bilingual guides to assist you throughout the adventure and to keep you from ever feeling lost.
You will get more enjoyment out of your trip if you understand a few basics. We recommend learning a few common words and phrases to say hello and introduce yourself, order food and drink, and locate the bathrooms.

South America Rocks has destinations lined up and ready to go for spectacular rock climbing adventures all year round! That said, some locations are best visited at certain times of the year, check out each tour page to see the best times to visit each country.

Absolutely! The itineraries we have developed for Chile, Colombia, and Peru are samples we have put together from our travel experience and local knowledge. But if you have a certain location you want to visit, a cultural experience you want to have or even a set time frame you need to work within, just let us know and we’ll work with you to design a custom tour that meets your own specific needs and wishes.

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