William Sparks, Company Founder

A man standing on the mountain top with his arms wide open

Hello and welcome to South America Rocks!

I’m Will, a seasoned adventure guide and passionate climber. I first traveled to South America in 2007 armed with little more than a Lonely Planet guide book and some basic Spanish. What I did have in abundance was a sense of adventure and a desire to explore! I trekked to the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu, sandboarded down desert dunes in Huacachina, delved deep into the Amazon, rafted through Argentina, and climbed volcanoes in Chile.

I was hooked and decided to combine my passion for rock climbing with all of the awesome qualities South America has to offer such as ancient cultures, warm people, colorful celebrations, jaw-dropping landscapes, and countless adventures just waiting to be discovered!

And so my company, South America Rocks, was born. Using my guide and instructor skills, I share my specialist knowledge of climbing in these remote locations with fellow adventures and thrill seekers who come to me in search of an epic challenge that will take them off the tourist trail, provide authentic cultural experiences, and of course deliver the best rock climbing adventures in the southern hemisphere.

Company Ethos

We believe that a successful climbing adventure enriches the lives of all parties involved. This starts with our valued guests and includes the entire South America Rocks team.

We are a fortunate few in this world who can afford to travel the world. Many parts of South America are very poor and isolated from modern luxuries we take for granted. Therefore, it is unrealistic and unethical to place first-world expectations on the people we interact with. We must remember to practice cultural sensitivity since we are not only guests in a foreign land, but also ambassadors for our own countries and the climbing community at large. This ensures that groups traveling with South America Rocks in the future will continue to be greeted with openness and a more authentic experience.

South America Rocks strives to avoid leaving any impact on the places we visit that would cause disruption or pollution. We build community interaction into each of our itineraries so that our guests have a chance to make personal connections and give something of themselves that can make a difference.

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