Tackle stunning granite towers

15 days All-In

Certified EXPERT local guides


Fully certified and bilingual UAIGM climbing guides lead you through a series of practice days climbing outside the national park first to get to know your strengths and prepare as a team. Your expert guides have extensive knowledge of Torres del Paine National Park and we use experienced porters to set up camp ahead of our movements so that you can attack the granite towers focused and ready for success.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to explore Torres del Paine this year while the Chilean tourism sector is experiencing a major downturn. This is your chance to travel in Patagonia and see this amazing national treasure without the crowds and noise and congested facilities that have become normal in recent years. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to support the guides and porters whose love for the mountains runs deeper and holds stronger than the political unrest unfolding in Santiago. All meals and accommodation included throughout the tour. Secure, private transportation from Punta Arenas to Puerto Natales and Torres del Paine National Park.

Why Take This Tour?

Explore the crown jewel of Chilean Patagonia, the iconic granite towers of Torres del Paine. Savagely sculpted to perfection by the fierce Patagonian elements.

Get closer to the epic towers and drink in views of the glaciers not normally available to regular hikers without special climbing permits

Expert guides and porter service to maximize your enjoyment and save energy to attack the summit

Enjoy a more beautiful experience in Torres del Paine park this season as tourism is way down in Chile

10 days planned to climb and explore the stunning glaciers, lakes, and granite towers

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Trip Details


All prices are per person and in USD


Stay tuned for 2025 Departure dates!

February – March

Late Patagonian Summer, the best chance for dry rock and good weather

Expect savage weather, high winds, and changes to the itinerary based accordingly. Be prepared to sit out a storm in the tent and spring to action when a weather window opens up for us. Don’t believe all the bad press! The Santiago airport is totally safe and the mountain towns in Patagonia are more happy than ever to receive guests.

Tour duration

15 days

Meeting & endpoint

Punta Arenas, Patagonia Chile

Group size

2:1 client/guide ratio, up to 4 clients total

Certified expert Chilean guide leading each rope team in the National park. Dedicated Porter per rope team. Experience co-ordinator overseeing all activities and managing basecamp. South America Rocks Guarantees the most up to date weather information and logistical support provided by expert guides and experienced porters.

What to Bring

Your personal climbing equipment:

  • Climbing shoes (2 pairs)
  • Helmet
  •  Harness
  • Belay device

Other equipment:

  • Warm, windproof layers for extreme weather
  • 2 pairs of climbing shoes in good condition
  • Sleeping bag/pad for camping

Bring equipment that is in top condition as replacement gear can be expensive/hard to find.

15 Day Itinerary

During my most recent climbing trip to Chile I teamed up with a group of expert Chilean rock guides and we laid out a perfect blueprint to explore Torres del Paine National Park and invite a small group of enthusiastic clients to tackle the iconic granite spires. While much of the world is unsure about making a trip to Chile this season, we all agree that this is actually the BEST opportunity in over a decade to discover Torres del Paine in its natural state. Uncrowded, Wild and Free. Join us in February for the most unforgettable rock trip available in all of South America.

Here is how the adventure is structured:

Day 1: Guests arrive at Punta Arenas Airport and Will greets them there and we all travel to Puerto Natales via private vehicle. Upon arrival we check into our comfortable hotel that will be our home base for the first few days of the expedition.

Days 2 & 3: We meet the expert climbing guides and head to an outstanding local climbing area 30 minutes outside of town. Together we will enjoy a full day of climbing while getting to know each other and refining our communications systems so that we are 100% ready to attack the granite towers in the park with confidence and trust in one another. These practice days are built into this itinerary to increase the likelihood of making successful summit pushes in the park when the weather windows present.

Day 4: We will sleep in a bit and enjoy a big breakfast before driving to the National Park and registering our climbing permits. From there we set off into the park towards our first camp spot, known as Japanese Camp. Thankfully, our porters will already have camp ready and waiting for us, so we only need to hike with a day bag.

Day 5: We make the hike to our proper basecamp amongst the towers “La Playa Camp”. From this sheltered and beautiful camp we have access to climb the North and Central towers.

Day 6: Rest and prepare for our first climbing objective

Days 7 & 8: Attack days. Weather permitting we will go for glory and try to bag our first magnificent granite summit!
Day 9: Rest and prepare for a possible second objective
Day 10 & 11: Attack! Attack! If the weather permits we must ATTACK!!! Cross fingers for another nice weather window!!!
Day 12: Rest. Rest. Rest. Enjoy the amazing location in the most stunning of all Chile’s National Parks. Take photos, drink it all in with all your senses. Let the experience sink in fully and appreciate the savage beauty of Patagonia.

Day 13: We hike out of the park and return to the car. Eat a big delicious dinner back in Puerto Natales and sleep like the dead in your comfortable hotel

Day 14: Free day in Puerto Natales to explore and enjoy a casual day as you see fit.

Day 15: Say our goodbyes to the team and make the return trip to Punta Arenas.

* Excluding personal climbing gear: shoes, helmet, harness, and belay device.

Participation Requirements for this Tour

  • Personal travel insurance is mandatory.
  • Climbers must be over the age of 18.
  • If you are planning a climbing trip with your family which includes children/teenagers under the age of 18, get in touch with us.
  • Participants should have a solid level of health, fitness, and climbing experience. These are active tours that include challenging climbing and trekking, some at high altitudes.
The Locations You'll Visit

This rock climbing adventure kicks off in Punta Arenas, and then heads south to the city of Puerto Natales. From here, you’ll be able to settle in and explore the area. Next, you’ll enter the majestic Torres Del Paine National Park where we will climb and explore for a few days. Finally, we will spend another day in Puerto Natales before heading back to Punta Arenas.

Frequently Asked Questions

YES, the weather is notoriously wild in Patagonia, but the time of year we plan to go combines the driest and sunniest weather with very long days, therefore providing the BEST possible conditions to achieve our summit goals.

Also, South America Rocks has a staff of highly experienced guides and porters ready with all the latest weather information, and they know the park inside out. This means that every step you take will be carefully guided in the right direction to take you towards the summit and realizing your Patagonia dreams.



Well, you could try I suppose, but the thing is, after all the time and energy and costs associated with a trip to Patagonia, you don’t want to waste your time, make beginner mistakes, and miss the weather windows when they come in between the storms. Our expert guides and porters know the weather patterns, they know which routes stay better sheltered and dry faster. They have learned it all the hard way so that you can get the most out of your precious time and have the best chance to send the climb of your dreams!



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